Driving for a Healthier Planet

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This learning “bite” complements a larger initiative on driving awareness. This is the third in a series that focuses on behaviour changes employees can make to reduce vehicle emissions.


The final module includes four videos with an eLearning “wrapper” to package them together. The eLearning “wrapper” allows the learning management system to track completion. Working with the client’s internal design team and subject matter experts, we brought the pieces together. Afterwards we assisted with the video scripts, shot lists and developed the eLearning course.

Hemeon Learning also designed the eLearning module’s look and feel. The look and feel goes with the video style which looks like old, silent movies. We used a border around the text slides to draw attention to the short text blurbs. The title slide image has a sepia tone to complete the look. We designed simple, custom buttons and a straight-forward menu. As a result, learners can easily navigate the short course. A professional videographer shot the videos. The client’s in-house editing team edited them before passing them on to us to incorporate them into the eLearning course.

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eLearning developer Canada


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March 8, 2018

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