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We used instructional design techniques to convert modular training from instructor-led materials into a full online program.


The Building Officials’ Association of BC needs to offer their level one training program to a larger audience. The audience is across the province of BC. This makes in-person training challenging.


We started with the instructional design for one module, or lesson. We took the existing trainer guide and wrote an eLearning outline. The outline includes a description, topics, learning objectives, and the lesson quiz questions. After the client approved the outline, we turned it into an eLearning course. We designed a template and style based on the client’s preferences. Once the client approved the initial lesson, we repeated the process for all 13 of the lessons in level one. The online program will incorporate the lessons when they are all reviewed and approved.

The lack of images and learning activities in the existing content proved challenging. We solved image challenges by adding relevant stock photos and repurposing diagrams. Diagrams with markers, tabbed interactions, and review questions provide activities throughout the lessons. Prompts in the course encourage learners to read sections of the building code. Each lesson also has a printable workbook. It gives learners even more practice with relevant concepts.

Contact us to see the live module in our full portfolio.

instructional design


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February 15, 2018

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