Interactive eLearning Facilitator Guide

Interactive eLearning facilitator guide - text on a green background with a photo underneath depicting two people of colour reading a document on a clipboard.

Farm Radio International needed a facilitator guide to accompany their eLearning course. They wanted to help subject matter experts act as “facilitators” for the multi-week online course. The facilitators had little knowledge about Moodle or how to engage with participants. So, we suggested an interactive eLearning guide.

Originally, they wanted a PDF that they could hand out during orientation sessions. However, facilitators need to be able to use the guide throughout the course. Also, they needed more help navigating Moodle and checking participation. So, we made it interactive and easy to navigate because accessing information quickly is important.

We built the guide using Articulate 360 Rise because it was fast and easy to use. We worked with a facilitator to identify the topics and details. Afterwards, we added “best practices” and Moodle how-to videos and information to fill in the lessons. For example, in the last section, we included links to Moodle’s video series. Then we split the guide into a few sections to make it easier to navigate quickly. As a result, facilitators can reference the guide anytime and jump to specific sections.


Later, we might include videos, testimonials from past facilitators, and more tips for facilitators. But for now, this interactive guide provides the introduction facilitators need to help participants be successful in the 8-week long course.

What’s next? Would you like to see a sample of this interactive eLearning guide? How about the rest of our portfolio? Reach out today to talk about your upcoming project because we’d be happy to show you around.


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April 12, 2021

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