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CGA Instructor Led Training

The Canadian Gas Association needed content from an online course added to an in-person training program. They also wanted a job aid and PowerPoint presentations. We helped them update their instructor led training content. Below you can see some excerpts of the results of the project. We also redesigned a quiz to make it more print and user friendly. The content itself is geared towards firefighters across Canada who need to be familiar with emergency response for natural gas emergencies.

The CGA also needed a way to distribute the content. Enter Moodle. Although Moodle isn’t officially a content-sharing portal, the CGA already had a site for online learning. It was easy to create a “course” where we could upload the content. The Moodle platform makes it easy for the CGA to control access to the material and replace individual items with updated versions as needed.

The CGA’s internal graphics team created several relevant graphics to include in the program. We interspersed these with stock photos as well as some custom photos provided by the CGA’s member organizations. We wanted to ensure that the content was both engaging as well as relevant to the audience. Having appropriate photos of equipment and procedures was key to the project.

Next Steps

Once the instructor led content is fully updated we’ll be converting the older portions to online learning. This will give the CGA the option to deliver the full program either in-person or as online learning. They’ll even be able to offer a blended approach since both versions will be modular and follow a similar format. Making solutions modular and extensible is critical to ensuring your training is useful for the longterm – or “evergreen” as some call it.

The entire program will eventually be offered for free to members of the Canadian Gas Association. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your training needs.



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January 20, 2019

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