Customized procedural documents

customized procedural documents

Customized Procedural Documents

We often work with clients on longer term commitments. These projects often include multiple different components like eLearning courses, job aids, or assisting with a learning management system. We also write customized procedural documents.

The example below is of a custom procedure we wrote for a client. It details how to properly publish Articulate Storyline projects for an LMS. The document includes step-by-step instructions, screenshots for each step, and relevant notes to guide users. Documents like this can be really useful to keep internal teams or groups of contractors all on the same page.

For one client we designed a series of about 20 procedures. Once ready, we uploaded them to a custom SharePoint space. Then we organized them into groups to form a knowledge base related to their LMS. The client’s internal team uses the knowledge base to ensure everyone maintains the LMS correctly.

Check out the example procedure below:


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February 4, 2019

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