Today I hit a slump. I lacked any inspiration and even confidence. I think a lot of us have these days. We just don’t seem to be able to muster our strength to believe in ourselves sometimes.

I learned that a fantastic friend or fabulous colleague can really turn those days around.

I count myself as an introvert. I’ve never done the true Myers Briggs but I know I need my alone time to recharge. That means I sometimes underestimate the power of connecting with those in my community. To me, community is what others call their “network”. I just happen to dislike that word – it’s scary to me. So I call it my community instead.

Anyway, I decided to reach out to my community for inspiration and wound up getting both inspiration and a confidence boost.

My lesson for today is to never underestimate the power of your personal community and to not forget the importance of having one.Even when the introvert in me wants to be a hermit!