Recently I needed to test a very large file using Moodle to ensure the completion settings I chose were working correctly. The file was published as a SCORM 1.2 zip from Storyline 2 and I tried several times to get it into Moodle. The problem was that the PHP settings on the server where my Moodle is hosted don’t allow file sizes larger than 128 megabytes. I won’t get into the details of PHP settings since I don’t intend for this post to be that technical. Instead I chose to create a repository on my server and then upload my 330 MB file there and then access it from Moodle.

There is a great resource in Moodle docs on how to set up a file repository on your server. Note: to do this you need administrator access to your Moodle as well as access to the server location where you want your files to be stored.

You can even set up Dropbox to be a repository. Then you just upload your file to Dropbox and you can access it from your Moodle site. Here’s the Moodle doc for that option. Once again, you need to be an administrator to be able to enable this option.

In the end, the ability for your Moodle site to manage, process, and serve up large files is dependent on how robust your server structure is where Moodle is hosted. I happen to have my Moodle site on a shared server that doesn’t have very much power. As a result, even using a separate file repository, Moodle just didn’t like my 330 MB course file. That’s not Moodle’s fault.