I was invited by the Articulate development team to participate in the beta testing program for Articulate Storyline. Storyline launched to the public in May 2012 but has been available to a select community of testers since 2011.

I love Storyline.

It’s that simple. It’s more difficult to articulate why I love Storyline.

  • Is it because it has a more gradual learning curve than other tools?
  • Is it because even the most experienced developers can find powerful features?
  • Is it because importing older Articulate courses is fast and easy?
  • Is it because of the endless possibilities of triggers and states?

I could go on on and on but for your sake I won’t.

You can get a great overview and demo of the features of Storyline over at the Articulate website. I’ll let you explore that on your own.

So why do I love Storyline? Because I have yet to have to say to a client that I “can’t” do something they want. For years I have been using both Articulate Studio ’09 and Adobe Captivate (3, 4, and 5). I lost count of how many times a client would ask me “could you do X?” I found a lot of workarounds, tricks, add-ins, widgets, etc. but I got tired of trying to make tools do things that weren’t built-in features.

I used to often think to myself “why is it that I can think of these possible features and yet none of the leading development tools actually do these things? I’m not a software developer… I’m just a lowly designer/developer.”

I’ve been using Storyline for the last six months for a number of major projects. It has yet to let me down. You want learners to have to do all of the activities before seeing the assessment button on the menu? I can do that. You want different learners to see different content? I can do that. You want your software quickly demonstrated as a video but then the SAME screen examples used as a test question? I CAN do that! You want that button to change color AFTER the learner has clicked it? I can do that.

Ok, that’s enough. In case you were wondering those were all real things my clients have asked for and I’ve been able to do it for them easily.

Sure, a lot of that Captivate can do and Articulate Studio can do some of it too. I’ve used my fair share of Advanced Actions (Captivate) and Engage interactions (Studio) and they have their place.

What’s the difference? Storyline does it so easily, intuitively. It just makes everything so much easier.