Privacy Awareness Training

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Scenario-based training designed to review key concepts of the company’s privacy policy.


Create training that enabled the company’s privacy officer to significantly reduce travel and training time delivering privacy policy training to new and existing employee.


Developed an online course based on a series of privacy scenarios tailored to the company’s business. Various scenarios were used to highlight the most common privacy concerns for the highest risk employee groups. An acknowledgement at the end of the course fulfills a sign-off requirement and additional information and resources were made available throughout the course to answer specific questions or present additional scenarios. Manager talking points were also provided to enable managers to answer common questions with new employees after deployment. This solution cut down travel and training time for the privacy officer by over 80% and allowed them to focus on specific groups more closely rather than all employees. In addition, training is now part of new employee orientation ensuring that the training is received within the first month of employment rather than waiting for the next session by the privacy officer.

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