Happy New Year from Hemeon Learning! Wow, it’s been quite the year. I’ve been extremely terrible about keeping the website up to date and even worse with blogging. I can’t promise I’ll do better but I’m starting here and hope to keep it up a little more regularly. My goal – one new blog post a month this year.

So what’s happened in the last year or so at Hemeon Learning?

It’s been a huge year! At the end of 2015 I decided to leave my full time position of five years to focus more on family and Hemeon Learning. We brought on a couple of additional clients and I was working part-time on a number of projects at any given time as well as playing with/caring for our one year old (two now).

Fast forward to June 2016. We made a huge family decision to move from Vancouver, BC, Canada back to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada where both my husband (and Hemeon Learning partner in crime) and I are from. After 13 years in the big city it was time to come back home. What a whirlwind. At the same time, Ivan (hubby) also decided to leave his full time position in favour of helping me at home so I could continue to grow our business. We signed several new clients over the summer and continued working with previous ones.

At the end of August we made the big move from coast to coast and settled into our new home (and home office!).

We’ve had fun exploring our new neighbourhood and working with new clients as well. Now that winter’s settling in, I’m looking forward to diving deeper into some existing projects and starting some new ones.

This year we plan to continue building our business, getting to know our clients more and finding new ways to deliver eLearning. My personal goal (in addition to blogging more) is to grow my inventory of tricks and tools and catch up on the latest and greatest of the eLearning world.

Stay tuned – we have more updates to come!